These Caramel Apples are a cinch to make and even better can be personalized to suit everyone in your family! Whether fruity, sweet and salty, peanut butter or toffee is your pleasure, these caramel apples will please any taste bud! They're easier than you think and will have you wondering why you've purchased the store bought kind all these years! | Strawberry Blondie Kitchen
I'm Megan, the strawberry blondie behind this kitchen. I'm a self proclaimed foodie who loves to EAT! I have a passion for sweet + salty, caffeine and chocolate.

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  1. These are the prettiest caramel apples I’ve ever seen and it’s so great that you posted this recipe right now. I started a new website called “The Cookful” and candy apples and caramel apples are the current theme, so of course I’m pinning this recipe immediately!

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